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The Peace Project’s 5th Annual Call-for-Artists is now open!

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NOW OPEN!!!  The Peace Project’s 5th annual Call-for-Artists

Asking artists worldwide to show us where Peace starts. Is Peace born out of love, community, in the innocence of a child or the beauty of nature? How can we end the senseless war and embrace equality for all? 

In four short years, The Peace Project, supported by artists and others, has:


  • Educated dozens of children in Sierra Leone, Africa.

  • Distributed 10,000 pairs of crutches to amputees, war victims, polio survivors and mothers and children in Sierra Leone on World Peace Day, 2011.

  • Designed a Peace Museum in Sierra Leone in conjunction with the United Nations.

  • Created and produced Peace Tips, specially designed crutch tips that last one year, extend the life of crutches and greatly improve mobility for users.

  • And currently, we’re building 40 houses and a community center in the Philippines for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  A total of 200 are planned.

”Our work proves that we can change the world if we join hands, think creatively and take action.”

Please Join Us! And to Submit Your Art and for more info visit “the whole9″ 


The Link Between Virtual Reality and Environmentalism

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VIM Digital Features: Virtual reality and Environmentalism 


The Link Between Virtual Reality and Environmentalism
from Amy Westervelt  

Video from Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, focused on the lab’s virtual tree-cutting experience, which it found led to participants reducing paper waste and opting for recycled products.

Augment Your Reality with KlipAR!

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Check out this video to see the magic of Augmented Reality blending with creativity! Klip triggered from the cover of the eBook “Verses in Motion” using KlipAR 

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VIM Digital Features: Art and Technology “A Dreamy Landscape” by Fractured Fractals

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Stunning images, digital art by Fractured Fractals.

Originally posted on Fractured Fractals:


Best managed with a light and careful touch, this combination…it was created with TetraFolding Pow2, BoxVaryScale4D, and good old CantorIFS. Tricky to work with as some formulas seem to have a mind of their own and slide around as if made of jelly! Zooming in and out and “walking” didn’t help fix the problems until I began rotating a bit and finally got something that looked acceptable… Makes me think of a remote outlook where fairies might flit about just at dusk…

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Nowhere to Go: Chronicling Soccer’s Human Trafficking Problem

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Originally posted on TIME:

Every four years, the World Cup draws unparalleled attention to soccer and its stars — the “beautiful game” played on its grandest stage for all to see. Far less attention is minded to those whose passion for the game has led to their exploitation.

In his series of photographs “Black Diamonds,” Jason Andrew chronicles the human trafficking of African soccer players from Nigeria to Istanbul by an assortment of scouts and unlicensed agents. These young athletes, largely under-informed and uneducated, are promised the opportunity to realize their dreams of becoming soccer stars — if their impoverished families are willing to pay fees that can exceed $5,000 to send them to Turkey. But instead of using their time in Turkey to kickstart successful soccer careers in top-tier European leagues, the players are typically abandoned shortly after their arrival and forced to fend for themselves in a harsh and unforgiving land.


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VIM Digital Features: “Echo connect, the evolution of the cable”

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VIM Digital Features: ECHO connect

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