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Augmented Reality needs storytellers

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Augmented Reality and Advertising: The Future is Closer Than You Think

Augmented reality is not the same thing as virtual reality. While virtual reality is a completely fictional simulation, augmented reality is the “real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio and other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects,” said Tuong Huy Nguyen, principal research analyst at Gartner. Although the technology is still in its infancy, it has matured to the point where organizations can use it internally and externally to create its future use-cases. On October 30, I spoke on a panel at InsideAR – the largest augmented reality conference in Europe organized by Metaio, the leading AR company with over 40 percent market share – about the future of AR in enterprise from a marketing perspective. What I want to share with you is that the future is probably closer than you think. ….[READ

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An experimental drawing machine powered by the heart rate of each viewer


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Augmented reality and projection mapping for beginners

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Augmented reality (AR) has been such a slow-build that it feels like it has been around forever. Smartphone technology has been on the brink of bringing commercial AR technology to the masses for the past three or four years, without really delivering a killer app.

Look for a widely-used AR application on any smartphone and the chances are that outside the ‘well-known’ browsers such as Layar or Junaio, anyone would struggle to name an alternative. Tales abound of virtual shopping apps where you see how outfits look without having to try them on, whizz-bang animations or historical films that play when you hold your smartphone up at a certain location or over a photograph printed in a newspaper. AR has been given the lead in everything from reviving tourism to the humble newspaper.

And it may well happen soon. In the meantime there are people playing with AR in exciting…

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Trocadero Lightscolours 3colours 2colours 1colours5colours4

~ VersesInMotion~ Digital Poetry ~ Photography  © All Rights Reserved 


By Laura LME  ©

My name is love, 
my colour is red. 
Vivid drops of ruby
poured over your skin,
showers of ink and paint
dominated by shadows, 
in the light of antic flames
burning your heart!

My name is pain, 
my colour is orange. 
Veins of flowing fluid
deep slopes of sharpness,
in the cavities of time
pressing against your organs, 
extracting bitter tears
contracting your heart.

My name is hope, 
my colour is yellow.
Wires of metallic nets
needles of faith,
spread around you
thin rays of thunder,
conducting electricity
empowering your mind.

My name is strength, 
my colour is power! 
Shades of acceptance, 
nuances of fight
depth of belief,
brushes of inspiration
dipped in beauty,
painting the canvas of life!

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The 3D printed dress

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Picture from the

In 2010, designer Iris van Herpen presented the first 3D printed dress in her Crystallization collection. The artistic work was incredible and it opened up numerous opportunities for the fashion industry. In 2013, Michael Schmidt did it again. The dress was designed for burlesque dancer, Dita von Teese. Schmidt designed a dress based on the mathematical formula, the Golden Ratio. Shapeways printed the dress in powered nylon and it was then embellished by hand with more than 12 000 Swarovski crystals. When Dita modeled the gown, the dress flowed and shimmered beautifully, resembling much of Dita’s old Hollywood glam. Simply breathtaking.



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Art Exhibition and Events: The New Sublime ** 6-27 Sep 2014 ** Phoenix Brighton

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James Alliban

Curated by the Fortunecats, The New Sublime is an exhibition and series of discussions exploring the new ways in which artists who use digital technology are engaging with the viewer’s attention. This is a thorny subject because technology catches our attention in a particular way. When viewing this kind of work we may be initially fascinated and involved, but eventually slightly bored. This may describe our relationship to technology in general.

The question we are asking is: can art which uses digital technology move us in the same sustained way as other forms of contemporary art? Based on our previous experience of curating digital art exhibitions and making our own work, the answer is a tentative “yes”.

Phoenix will be showing work by emerging and established new media artists which we think either confirms our hypothesis or raises interesting questions around the subject. There will be two parts…

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whispers effect grassland  5

 Whispers 2 aurora effectwhispers 4 cosmos effectmirror effect whispers  6


by @LauraLME ©

Words like unconscious breeze,
Insinuations of unknown secrets,
Shared through the walls of time,


through the trees
Of our forests of sorrows,

Sliding like dew on the leaves of our destiny.

Us, Careless Inhabitants
Of a land that does not forgive.

Wind of rebellious changes,
Blowing strong in circles of fire.

Flames like hopes becoming bigger
Trying to fight the waters of pain.

Our hands in prayers
Wet of tears,
in every drop a new rain,
Falling on this army of souls
Marching restlessly
Looking for answers, wishing for peace.

Silent words, no vibrations
Whispers like silk and velvet
Covering blankets of tomorrows
Hiding colours of rainbows,
In the deep wounds of our sky
Slashed by the almighty wings of Angels
embracing us, Trying to heal the cuts
Filling the voids.


We are all feathers
Quick flashes of lightning,
Running through the tunnel…

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